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You may wonder, what are the advantages of choosing an online transcription service? After all, can’t anyone just listen to a recording and type in what’s said? Well, it’s certainly not that easy.

Quality: Let’s say you have someone local who does your transcriptions. Are they really that good, or do they simply have one thing going for them…their location. What are the chances that you just happen to live in the same city with the best transcriptionist available? When you expand your reach to online transcription services you have a much better chance of finding higher quality work.

Size: If you have a favorite transcriptionist, what are the chances that you’re their only client. If it hasn’t happened before, eventually you’re going to have a rush project that they’re unavailable for. That’s good news for us, because we have access to many more transcriptionists and have staked our business on them, so you know they’re good. We also have enough people so that we can handle any project, no matter how large.

Specialists: Not every ear is the same. We have specialists who are better at transcribing noisy events than others are. We offer legal transcription via transcriptionists who know the Latin phrases and are watching out for them. Because we have transcribing specialists, we’re able to get the the most accurate transcription available.

If you’re considering professional transcription services, you’ll find that Press Play Transcription can deliver top-quality work for a reasonable price. Give us a try once and you’ll be convinced. Call us or get a free estimate here.